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Machine Guarding AS4024. 2014 series Risk Assessments and Guarding Recommendations

Many involved in industry are blissfully unaware of the potential penalties that they are at risk of receiving if they contribute to an accident even in an indirect way (currently in QLD, up to two years jail and/or $60,000 max. fine for individuals or $300,000 for companies).

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This contribution may be as a result of not understanding their responsibilities in providing a safe work place or equipment. There are numerous standards that apply to safeguarding of machinery such as the AS4024 series. Plant needs to be controlled considering the Category requirements of AS4024.1501 2014 Safety of machinery and the Performance Levels of AS4024.1503 2014 Safety of machinery.

More standards exist to cover many specific situations (such as As4024 Part 3002: Materials forming and shearing—Hydraulic power presses, AS 4024.3301-2009 Safety of machinery - Robots for industrial environments - Safety requirements and AS1755 for conveyors, there are other standards relevant to specific machinery such as woodworking machinery).

Some of the specific standards do not in themselves fully cover all aspects of design of safeguarding systems. Even if one feels they have followed the relevant standard there may well be another standard with even more rigid requirements that the designer/organisation is not even aware of.

To allow organisations to comply with these requirements and to ensure the safety of persons employed at a workplace, Peter Lehrke from Progressive Management Systems assists organisations to comply with the legislative requirements.

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Machine guarding risk assessment Machine guarding risk assessment

The steps in the process are:

Prepare a Risk Analysis (RA)

for the items of equipment will place the priority in order of considered risk. In this risk analysis identify:

  • Possibility of Avoiding Hazard, Severity of Potential Injury /Consequence

  • Frequency of Exposure

  • Short Term Analysis of the Level of Risk

  • AS4024.1 Machine Guarding Table – Category 1 – 4

  • Applicable Standards.

The Risk Analysis and guarding analysis will provide recommendations on Categories required and :-

Design Review

To discuss the conclusions and recommendations with relevant company staff etc and review the proposed system and prepare any implementation plans drawings to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the Act, Regulations, Code of Practice for Plant, AS3000, AS4024.1 and other identified standard.

Commissioning / Site Acceptance Testing

complete a site acceptance or user acceptance test on the implemented solution using proven safety solution products and practices (including Electrical and Mechanical systems).

On completion of the implementation of the system and guarding

Complete an “on site test and commission” to review and test to ensure the system meets the Act and associated requirements and provide a completed signed off RA for the organisations records. SOPs can also be quoted for and prepared as required.

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  • AS4024 ISO13849 safety control systems

  • Safety guarding of plant and machinery controls

  • Machine safety consulting

  • Machine safety verification and validation

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