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Do you want to gain immediate control of job costing, inventory, bills of materials, labour and production scheduling to add more to your bottom line ???

Do you want to save money and know the cost of jobs?

Are you not getting the information you need immediately?

ProManSys manufacturing program is designed for small to mid sized business - the natural stepping stone to a larger enterprise system as your business grows.

It has everything to gain control of all aspects of your business from customers, customer order entry, delivering goods to invoicing, bills of materials, materials requirements planning, inventory control, capacity requirements, shop floor control, sales and purchase orders with job tracking and costing.  All of this in a multi user package at a very affordable price.

ProManSys is a system that combines a centrally located and shared database, and a series of networked PCs located at the various points for data entry. ProManSys is comprised of a ©Microsoft Access Data Base (©Microsoft Office 2007/2003) running on a ©Microsoft Server with networked PCs running ©Microsoft Windows. This allows for up to 15-20 users with an open system (subject to interaction required) to access the ProManSys system at any one time.

ProManSys Production Management Systems Key Benefits

The benefits of fully implemented ProManSys Production Management Systems are the following:

  • Providing management with accurate and meaningful information for both the day-to-day running of the business and thus enabling sales and production forecasts to be based on accurate information - Real Time Information.
  • Lowering of inventory costs, as inventory levels are known and purchasing is based on known needs, not assumptions.
  • Shortening of customer delivery times as production personnel are manufacturing products to orders and/or to required stock, not just to broad production plans.
  • Less errors and rework as the quality of information being passed from sales through production to dispatch is displayed directly "On Screen" and is not passed on by "word of mouth".
  • Increased productivity with ProManSys as information is entered once into the Production Management System, this removes the normal duplication of information and frees up personnel for more important activities.
  • Actual job cost with labour and materials costs known instantly - with Gross Profit calculated that is based on set criteria
  • Links to MYOB Single User and Premier Accounting Software

Need a Customised Database for your Business?

Off the shelf is not a fit for you? DO YOU NEED MORE !!!!

Progressive Management Systems can design, develop, deliver, implement and support a customised database for you that is based on your specific requirements.

Databases are prepared in Microsoft  Access using mainly Vba (Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications) and they can be supplied as an open network version or single user - single computer system.

At a glance

  • Time and Materials Costing,

  • production planning and scheduling systems,

  • ERP

  • Manufacturing computer software,

  • Bills of Materials costing

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